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No matter where you are – at home with your family, at work with your colleagues, or in a restaurant with friends, a medical situation can arise at any time. In many of these instances, first aid training helps you not only understand how to respond but can also save a life.

Not convinced that first aid is important? Here are a few statistics from British Red Cross that might change your mind:

  • Only 16% of people in the UK have the confidence and knowledge to help save a life.
  • 59% of injury-related deaths could have been prevented, had someone on the scene known how to administer first aid.
  • 8 out of 10 adults wouldn’t know how to react if they saw someone had collapsed and was unresponsive and not breathing.

If you’ve never thought about completing first aid training before, keep reading this blog to find out our seven key reasons why first aid is important.

1. Save a Life

The top reason why first aid is important is simple: you could save a life. The first few minutes after a medical emergency are critical. Your first priority should always be ensuring someone is phoning for medical assistance, but if you know how to stabilise the patient, you buy some more time for the ambulance to make it to your location.

The quicker you intervene with the right medical care, the higher the probability there is of a positive outcome.

2. Prevent Further Injuries

Using first aid to act quickly can also reduce recovery time and even prevent long- term or life-changing repercussions from occurring.

Here are just a few of the actions you learn through first aid which can massively reduce patient complications down the line:

  • Safely bandaging injuries
  • Performing CPR
  • Minimising bleeding
  • Stabilising fractures
  • Treating burns
Emergency First Aid at Work training in Scotland by CPD Training Solutions

3. Promote Safer Environments

If you participate in first aid training, you don’t just increase your medical knowledge. You also become much more aware of health and safety risks around you.

First aid is important because it helps you to evaluate whether your environment could cause harm to not just you, but anyone around you too. This kind of knowledge is invaluable for stopping potential medical emergencies before they even begin because you understand what preventative measures or policies should be put in place to reduce risks or hazards.

4. Stabilise Emergency Situations

Emergencies cause a lot of panic and chaos. First aid training is important because you will know how to stay calm and collected in a medical crisis, without becoming overwhelmed.

You can assess the situation, delegate actions such as calling for additional medical resources, and give the patient basic emergency care. If the patient can communicate, first aid training also helps you to ask the right questions. By collecting essential information to pass on to medical professionals once they arrive on the scene, you help ensure the patient gets the most appropriate treatment.

5. Improve Your Confidence Under Pressure

By understanding how to perform first aid, you know that you can assist in a medical crisis. This will boost your confidence in your ability to perform under pressure – the stakes are high, and you are taking charge of a situation and performing a role that few others can do.

This kind of confidence will help you in other aspects of your life too, because you know you are ready for whatever scenario you find yourself in.

6. Learn Skills for Life

To be health and safety compliant, the majority of employers will require at least part of their workforce to have a first aid qualification. Therefore, having participated in first aid training and having an in-date certification could be attractive if you are job-hunting.

Not only that, but your knowledge of first aid will help your colleagues and customers feel reassured that you would be able to help them should something go wrong.

7. Provide Comfort for Patients

Finally, first aid is important as it helps you to not only support patients physically, but emotionally too.

Keeping calm and acting with compassion will help the injured party to feel a sense of relief that they are being looked after, which will help to reduce their anxiety.

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Hopefully, this blog post has helped you understand some of the reasons why first aid is important.

At CPD Plus, we host a wide range of public First Aid courses, suitable for individual employees and anyone who wants to learn vital lifesaving skills, including mini courses for children and teenagers. You can browse all of our public courses here.

We also offer a wide range of First Aid training courses for businesses. If you are a manager who would like to:

  • Protect your staff
  • Provide duty of care to customers and clients
  • Ensure you are legally compliant with health and safety requirements.

    …We would love to help! We can provide bespoke training to suit your business needs, on your schedule and within your premises.

    If you aren’t quite sure what requirements your organisation needs to meet, please get in touch and we can arrange a free consultation call to create the right solution

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