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Montrose Port Authority

On-Site First Aid Training
AED Supply

As one of the largest chain and anchor ports in the world, Montrose Port Authority is a thriving hub of activity catering to the offshore energy and international cargo sectors. With 24-hour operations 365 days a year, the port’s Health and Safety team ensures the highest of standards are maintained onsite to prioritise the health, safety and wellbeing of their port users and staff.

To adhere to the port’s emergency preparedness response plan, employees are certified in First Aid at Work and receive recertification training every 3 years: “Our business is split into teams – our operational team, our office team, our marine section and our marine pilots,” says Kenny Gammie, HSE Manager at Montrose Port. “We always maintain a minimum of 2 first aiders in each team so there is always one first aider available if the other is on leave.” 

“With previous First Aid at Work training providers, we would have to send staff away for training and so they would be out of the office for 3 full days,” notes Kenny. This was something that the port was happy to do since the training is vital to ensure that safety is paramount at the port. Nevertheless, they decided to get in touch with CPD for first aid training as they were local in Montrose which was important to the Montrose Port team as they strive to work with local businesses in the community wherever possible. Having the training take place locally would also save the team having to travel.

“Another reason why we decided to go with CPD is that they have a very good reputation in the town and we knew Peter through his role as the Chief Executive of Montrose Community Trust, a charity we sponsor and support often,” added Kenny.

CPD’s bespoke offering was appealing to Kenny and his team as they would be able to deliver the training onsite: “The training was tailored to the roles we undertake here at the port which made us feel like we were getting better value than previous training we had received from other training providers. 

“The required syllabus was covered but they were aware that we are a port and not a manufacturing firm so it was great to have the training site tailored to our needs. They were also flexible with us and able to deliver the training 1 day a week over 3 weeks so it did not eat into working schedules.” 

In total, 8 port employees have now received the training and all became certified first aiders for the port. 

“The CPD team are great to work with. The feedback from our team members that received the training was that there was no comparison between them and previous training providers we have used,” says Kenny. “Their quality of delivery is exceptional, going into detail to fit the group they are delivering to. If anyone struggles to understand anything, they break it down into smaller steps to ensure they understand and are always willing to help.

“They also provide the training in a warm and fun manner. Yes it is a serious subject and they deliver it professionally but they also make it engaging for participants so they can enjoy what they are learning. They create a good rapport with those taking the course.”

Woman putting man lying down into the ground in the recovery position during first aid training that Montrose Port Authority received onsite from CPD Plus
Montrose Port team undertaking first aid training on site.

Not only has the training helped the team within their work environment, it has also prepared them for any moment outside of work where they might need a first aid responder: “We had a case recently where somebody was on their way back to the port to a vessel after a meal in town and fell, requiring first aid treatment. We weren’t on the port estate at all and I was off duty; however, I was able to administer first aid and help him,” cites Kenny.

“It is such a vital skill to know and use outside of the business. This training definitely makes our team more confident in the administration of first aid should the situation arrive, especially for those of us who have children in the team. It covers everything, even how to make a phone call for an ambulance – it is all part of first aid. Our team is definitely prepared to deal with any event that requires first aid in the correct manner.” 

CPD also supplied the port with 4 defibrillators onsite in key locations as well as more cabinets to place them in on the quayside. Automated External Defibrillator (AED) training is always part of First Aid at Work training but the CPD team made sure that all port first aiders know how to use them with detail as it is essential they have this training in place. 

“I would highly recommend CPD for first aid training to other businesses,” commented Kenny. “I already do to our port tenants. We will be using them for our recertification courses and for skills update training. They are very accommodating and just easy to deal with right from the first point of contact to the finished certification, even away from training they are there to give advice. They are a company that’s a pleasure to work with.”

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