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Montrose Golf Links

On-Site First Aid Training
AED Supply

Montrose Golf Links is the 5th oldest golf course in the world. With two courses providing a 36-hole package to visitors, the Golf Links team ensure they are providing golfers with an excellent and safe service, upholding their 450-year plus reputation. 

As a legal requirement, the business must have a certain number of team members trained in first aid so it was important for the team to obtain training from qualified professionals in order to prioritise the safety of their visitors. 

Jason Boyd who is the PGA Golf Professional at Montrose Golf Links, is also required to have his training valid for coaching and training at the golf course: “As part of my own business in golf tuition, my PGA degree in professional golf and for me to be able to coach other staff, I have to keep my first aid training up to date.”

Jason Boyd

The team at Montrose Golf Links already had an established relationship with CPD: “We’ve been working with Claire and Peter for at least 6 years now for our First Aid at Work qualifications, our requalifications that we do every 3 years and our annual skills updates.

“I had also already known them both for a long time in the town given Peter’s work with Montrose Community Trust,” cites Jason Boyd.

Jason and the team have received training from CPD both onsite and at nearby Links Park Stadium over the years: “We chose to go with CPD as they have an exceptional reputation within Angus and for the flexibility they provide in their service. 

“When we have 4 or 5 of our team up for their qualification renewal, CPD delivers the training onsite at the golf course which is so helpful to us. They are just so easy to work with as they are local, flexible and adjust to your company needs, tailoring the training to situations that are specific to your workplace.”  

Jason also notes that it is the way that the training is delivered that makes CPD ideal to work with: “We all used to get sent away on first aid courses and dread it. It is such an essential skill but it isn’t the most glamorous course to go on. 

“It is completely different with CPD, they make it fun and engaging, not a chore. All our team members have mentioned how much they enjoy the way CPD delivers their first aid training.”

a bunker at Montrose Golf Links with a hole flag in the background at sunset

Montrose Golf Links now has 10 first aiders on the team as a result: “We have put our green staff, mechanic, general manager, retail assistants and myself as our PGA Accredited professional golfer through First Aid at Work training,” says Jason. “CPD also supplies us with our Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). We have three on site, one at the professional golf shop, one on the course and one that can travel which is kept with the green staff.” 

Jason notes that he would recommend the CPD team to other businesses to use for their first aid training needs: “They make the learning fun and interactive. It is more comfortable and informal whilst still being professional. 

“With Claire being a mother of two teenage boys, she has almost seen it all when it comes to administering first aid so they pull examples from personal experience which makes it all the more real. It is such a core skill to have not only for work but for life. You never know when you may have to use it and it is important to be prepared if you ever have to.”  

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